Top Tips For Easy Products In Interview Body Language

interview body language (Yes, even if youre being sarcastic and thats your thing.) 3. Theres more to being qualified for a job than you realize This is basic, but probably the most important. Before I got that cringe-worthy rejection email, Id assumed that since I checked off everything on the job description list, I had no competition., this was all a formality. The hard truth I learned though was twofold. Not only will you get declined for positions youre going after that you may be very qualified for after interviewing, but there will be plenty of times you find gigs that youd be a home run hire for, only to get radio silence from the employer. Im on the record multiple times about the fact that Ive seen plenty of great contenders get declined for reasons well beyond their control. However, the biggest lesson I learned from bombing an interview is that you cant always point the finger at other people. Sometimes, you need to figure out if theres anything you can do differently the next time when it comes to things outside of your skill set (like adjusting your body language).

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